Yasmin Hofstetter is a Swiss photographer who has carved out her place in the world of film photography. Her work revolves around creating a space where delicacy and sensitivity can flourish, while simultaneously challenging the social norms often associated with mindful living. In a world that often moves at an incessant pace, Yasmin’s work serves as a reminder to savor simple moments and embrace vulnerability, finding comfort in life’s slower rhythms. An important element of her photography is the female perspective and the connection with nature. Her analog approach to photography and the experimental process she embraces firmly root her in the present moment, turning each photoshoot into a meditative experience.

Group Exhibitions: 
2024: Tales of IntimacyImageNation Paris, Paris
2023: Just Women, ImageNation Paris, Milan
2022: Sensitiv, WBB Gallery, Zürich

Collater.al Photography 2023 (digital & print)
Carmencita Film Lab’s Best of March & September 2023